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We work with some of the best outfitters in the industry and have a trips for all experience levels

A bull elk is one of the most majestic big game animals in North America. Have you ever wanted to chase them with a bow in hand when they are bugling their heads off, or maybe a rifle hunt is more your style? We have options for a drop camp hunt, a fully guided hunt, and DIY private land hunts in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and South Dakota. Regardless of your hunting experience, we have a trip that is right for you.


When you think of whitetail hunting, most instantly think about the Midwest. Most underestimate or just don't know about western whitetail hunts. These are some of the most underrated hunts out there. You can hunt them on river bottoms, rolling prairies and grasslands, and even in the mountains. If you want to hunt whitetails in South Dakota, Saskatchewan, or Indiana reach out to us to see what options are available. 



Coues deer are the smallest subspecies of the whitetail, nicked named the grey ghost. They can be challenging to hunt and you can expect to spend the majority of your time glassing for them. We have OTC and draw hunt options for them in New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico. Let us know if we can help you cross this one off your bucket list. 


Mountain Lion hunts can be some of the most exciting adrenaline-fueled hunts we offer. You get to watch seasoned hounds work fresh tracks, listening to them throughout the mountain, hot on the tail of a mountain lion. Most of these hunts are weather-dependent hunts so you may need to be available on short notice. We have mountain lion hunts in Montana and New Mexico.


Did you know you could hunt free-range Oryx right here in the US? We have options for you to hunt Oryx in New Mexico, either on a draw tag or private land hunting options. These are one of the best-tasting big game animals we have ever had. 


Working at completing your turkey slam, or want to introduce a youth to turkey hunting? We have outfitters in several states, just let us know what sub species you are after. Some states allow up to three tags and we even have outfitters where you can get a Rio's and Merriam's in the same trip!



Come to Northern IN/Southern MI to try your luck for trophy flatheads, salmon and steelhead, walleye or a bunch of panfish for a fish fry. MJ's Sport Fishing Charters can make that happen!

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Mule deer's range stretches from the west coast to about the middle of the US and as far north as Northern Canada, down into Mexico. Whether you want to chase them up high above the tree line, down in the rolling prairies, or glassing them up in the desert, we have hunting options in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, South Dakota, and Saskatchewan to fit all your needs. We also have some management and youth-only hunting opportunities. 

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Pronghorn often referred to as antelope, are the fastest land animal in the world. In our opinion, they are the most fun big game animals to hunt. They are also one of the hardest big game animals to field judge. They make a great introductory western big game hunt, especially for youth hunters. If you are interested in a fun, high-target opportunity hunt, reach out to us for all of your options in Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Saskatchewan


Black bear seems to be on everyone's bucket lists. They can be hunted by using hounds, spot and stalk, or bait. We have several options for each hunting method, as well as some hunts where your percentage for a color phase bear is in the 60% range. We have hunts available in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Alaska, and Canada. 



Bison or sometimes referred to as buffalo are the most iconic western big game animal, unfortunately not many free-range hunting options still exist. Most of the hunts require you to draw a tag, but we have one of the only hunts where you don't need to draw a tag and the animal still qualifies for Boone and Crockett. We have hunts available for Bull or Cow in Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. 


Aoudad or more properly called Barbary Sheep referred to as the poor man's sheep hunt, but don't let that fool you. These West Texas Aoudad hunts can be just as challenging as a Big Horn sheep hunt. You will be hunting them in steep rocky terrain, we only hunt mature trophy rams. No management or ewe hunts are available. 


Come hunt Florida's large hog population or challenge yourself and go after a swamp dinosaur. We have multiple hunting options to fit everyone's budget and schedule. These are great hunts for birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate gatherings or to add during a family vacation.

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