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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My two brothers and I wanted to go on our first antelope hunt together but we had a different amount of points. With our point totals, TJ picked a unit two of us could draw and another unit for the third could draw that had overlapping seasons. Then he pointed us towards specific areas in each unit which helped us all fill our tags.

Robert Whitling

-   Seneca, Pennsylvania 


About six years ago TJ set me up with a long-term hunt plan for multiple states out west. Since then I have drawn every tag I have applied for as well as had successful hunts! It's wintertime and looking forward to hearing what strategies will be presented for the upcoming application period.

Dave Elliot

-   Plover, Wisconsin 

In 2014, TJ tried to get me to start applying for multiple species in multiple states, but at that time I was only interested in going on an antelope hunt. Two years later he invited me out for a doe antelope hunt, after that, I was hooked. Networking The Outdoors now applies in seven different states for multiple species for me. They are currently planning all of my future hunts. 

Andrew Hughes

-   Goshen, Indiana 

Having hunted Colorado for the last five years and Colorado making changes to the tag allotment. I contacted Networking The Outdoors to see what the best options are to be able to hunt every year as well as draw some limited entry tags in the future. They have created a hunting plan for me that was built around my priorities and budget.

Jesse Smucker

-   Atlanta, Georgia 

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